You gave me a forever within the numbered days

Sep 16

Anonymous said: I'm so glad to see you're doing well! I first followed you two and a half years ago and randomly went on your blog to see if it still exists and it does, yay! <3

Wow, thank you! I’m always surprised when people have followed me that long, and still after my hiatus from here as well. 

Anonymous said: How was new jersey??

New Jersey was absolutely amazing, spending a month and a half with Drew was perfect, and I miss him on a daily basis. We got to do so much and it was just perfect. 

Aug 06

Anonymous said: How's new jersey going ??

It’s honestly been the most amazing time. I’ve been here for over a month now, but I go back home in a week and a half which has had me a little upset. Regardless though the fact that I’ve been able to spend more time with Drew this visit than others combined has been just perfect. 

Anonymous said: I remember that I met you when you were in a bad place and you were so wonderful. We used to talk often actually and you made me feel like I belonged for a while and you stood up for me and when I was hospitalized you told people to send me nice messages. You're so beautiful, inside and out and I want to thank you for being so lovely. I'm still not in my best place (I'm a lot worse, actually) but I just came across your blog and I had to tell you thank you for being you. x

I’m just seeing this no because I don’t use my blog anymore aside from updates, but thank you so much! If you’d like to start talking again, I’d be glad to :) just send me a message on here for a different way to contact you :) I hope things get better dear. 

Jul 09

I’m officially a Registered Nurse

I’m still in New Jersey but my resulted got mailed back in Canada so I just found out today that I passed the exam and I’m ecstatic. 

Also, as soon as I found out Drew started playing Celebration as soon as we found out. 

Jul 07

So I&#8217;m in new jersey until august 16th and that&#8217;s literally the only update in my life but it&#8217;s a pretty great one so yeah~

So I’m in new jersey until august 16th and that’s literally the only update in my life but it’s a pretty great one so yeah~

May 12

I just accepted my first job as a Registered Nurse :)

May 09

May 06

So, as promised here&#8217;s a photo of Drew and I. 

So, as promised here’s a photo of Drew and I. 

May 03

Drew is officially here and this is going to be a great week :)

May 02


May 01

Anonymous said: Please post pics of you and drew together as an update?!? I'm so glad you're doing well and you're both so adorable and my favorite internet couple by far. Happy happy!!! Congrats on graduation coming up also :) you're gonna do great things.

I’ll definitely post a picture and make a little post! Aw thank you so much dear :) You’re incredibly kind. 

Apr 29

Anonymous said: Thank you for the update, I'm so glad you're doing well xxx

Aw you’re welcome, dear :) I hope you’re doing well too!

Feb 26

Anonymous said: You're literally so rude to your anons that try and tell you shit straight up. It's called the real world and you should learn that now. Just because you're leaving won't make you happy. Call me whatever you want, but maybe the reason you're so unhappy isn't this site, it's you.

This is the last message I’m answering rude or nice I’m done after this. 

I am rude if people are rude to me. If you’re going to be an asshole you sure as hell shouldn’t expect me to be the nicest person in response. 

I find it absolutely hilarious that you’re trying to tell me about the “real world”. I’m 21, I’ve gone through my share of shit in life. I know what the real world is, I’ve been at rock bottom and I’ve gotten back up from that only to fall back down, I know the real world. I’m in my last month of university and I’m going out into the real world, I’m making something of myself and I’m going to help people and have a happy life and make a difference where as you’ll probably sit at home in front of your computer trying to feel better about yourself by messaging people on anon. . 

Telling someone something straight up is okay but if you’re being an inconsiderate prick about it then why bother? Why waste your time being rude or telling me you don’t care? You’re wasting your own time, and you’re making nothing of yourself. 

I’m not leaving because I’m unhappy, you’re obviously too fucking stupid to realize that considering I said in multiple posts I’m leaving because I’m happy. Because I don’t need people like you who have nothing better to do and who lead pathetic lives trying to bring me down.

I’m done with you, and I’m done with everyone else on here who finds pleasure in hurting other people. If you don’t care about me leaving or if you have anything negative to say, I genuinely don’t give a fuck just don’t waste your time

Anonymous said: Omg :( I swear everytime I feel like lonely or really loved, your blog is one of the main blogs I like search for and look at all the posts I've missed and feel at peace. I'm really gonna miss this. But I'm happy that you're in a different place now. You should like let someone else who is in the place you were once in run it (like me, LOL) cuz really gonna miss it :(

Aw you’re great dear. But I promise I’ll keep you updated on anything major <3.